IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Tue Dec 2 00:19:36 EST 1997


As I said in the forwarded message -- I don't know where they came
up with the first two quotes -- one being the fax one.  In any case, my
presentation only mentioned telephony fax and not internet fax.  The
bottom line of the fax comment was directed at the many cases where
the document exists electronically and is set via the telephony fax
method rather than simply being printed remotely via IPP.

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To:   Don Wright at Lexmark
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Subject:  Re: IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

> "IPP will kill fax by offering
> high-quality printing, low telephone charges and multiple copies.
I've been working on 'Requirements for Internet Fax'
(draft-ietf-fax-requirements-XX.txt in the Internet Drafts
directory, and a newer version at

The requirements do not designate the protocol used -- it *could*
be IPP. However, it isn't clear how all of the requirements for Internet
Fax can be met by IPP. I'd like to understand better how IPP can be used
for the fax application, if it's really a serious option.


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