IPP> TES - January meeting

IPP> TES - January meeting

IPP> TES - January meeting

Carl-Uno Manros carl at manros.com
Wed Dec 17 12:51:35 EST 1997


As we expect to have handed over all our texts to the IETF by that time,
my plan is that the Wednesday IPP meeting will primarily focus on any
problems that the testers have found, as well as any other activities
relating to testing. 

Will this be enough or do think that more time is required?


At 04:59 AM 12/17/97 PST, you wrote:
>   There has been a request to hold an implementers/testing meeting on
>Thursday during the January PWG meeting.  I would like to gauge the
>interest in such a meeting.  There are a few alternatives.
>   1) implementers/testing meeting on Thursday
>   2) informal implementers/testing dinner Wednesday night
>   3) TES item on IPP agenda to discuss how to get TES moving
>I am looking for input from the IPP group on which alternative(s) should
>be pursued.  Any other ideas are also welcome.
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