IPP> TES - January meeting

IPP> TES - January meeting

IPP> TES - January meeting

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Dec 18 01:43:54 EST 1997

At 04:59 12/17/1997 PST, Zehler,Peter wrote:
>   There has been a request to hold an implementers/testing meeting on
>Thursday during the January PWG meeting.  I would like to gauge the
>interest in such a meeting.  There are a few alternatives.
>   1) implementers/testing meeting on Thursday
>   2) informal implementers/testing dinner Wednesday night
>   3) TES item on IPP agenda to discuss how to get TES moving

I suggest 1 and 3.

Only do 2, if not do 1.


>I am looking for input from the IPP group on which alternative(s) should
>be pursued.  Any other ideas are also welcome.
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