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>Subject: Notif: NOTIFY BOF at Chicago IETF
>A birds-of-a-feather (BOF) meeting will be held at the Chicago Internet
>Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting on the topic of Internet event
>notifications.  At present, I do not yet know scheduling details for the
>BOF, but I do know that a BOF slot has been reserved.  I'll email this list
>once I have final details.
>Within the IETF, a BOF meeting such as this is a typical precursor to the
>formation of a working group to develop an interoperability standard.
>Details on the Chicago IETF meeting, including how to register, can be found
>A brief desription, and proposed agenda for the BOF are given below.
>- Jim
>Event Notification Service BOF
>There appears to be significant interest in Internet-scale event
>notifications.  Event notifications are useful in many domains, including
>web authoring, instant messaging, buddy lists, workflow, and internet
>printing.  While efforts are well underway to develop a standard protocol
>for instant messaging and personal presence, requirements for notification
>services in other domains suggest the need for development of an
>interoperable protocol for the registration, initiation, and transport of
>Internet event notifications.
>This BOF aims to develop a better understanding among the different
>communities of interest, elicit scenarios of use for an event notification
>service, refine requirements for an event notification service, and
>enumerate the application domains that will benefit from an event
>notification service, and discussion of how standardization will occur in
>this area.  The BOF will also contain a report from the recent Workshop on
>Internet Scale Event Notifications (WISEN), held in mid-July.
>Jim Whitehead, U.C. Irvine <ejw at>
>(for this BOF meeting only; chair to be selected when chartered)
>Report from Workshop on Internet Scale Event Notifications (WISEN) (15 min.)
>(Rohit Khare)
>Scenarios of use of Internet event notifications (15 min.) (Adam Rifkin)
>Requirements for an Internet scale event notification service (15
>min.)(Surendra Reddy)
>Charter discussions for proposed working group (15 min.)
>Straw poll on whether a working group should be formed (1 min.)
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