IPP> SLP "printer" template - DUPLEX

IPP> SLP "printer" template - DUPLEX

IPP> SLP "printer" template - DUPLEX

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Fri Oct 30 16:11:28 EST 1998

Thanks to Ira for forwarding the revised text for the SLP printer template to
the PWG. In my review, I have the following comment regarding the definition of

Throughout the industry (and time)... there have been several different uses of
terminology to describe two-sided printing. Some of the terms I have frequently
encountered are:

Simplex, Rotate-duplex, Tumble-duplex
Simplex, Duplex, Tumble
Simplex, longEdgeBindingDuplex, shortEdgeBindingDuplex
One-sided, Two-sided-long-edge, Two-sided-short-edge

The later was agreed upon with creation of IPP and the Job MIB and is closely
correlated with the Printer MIB (RFC1759) which is the 3rd in my list, above.
While I respect the fact that the Salutation consortium is also an openly
conducted standards organization and they were first to submit a printer
template proposal for SLP, I recommend keeping the terminology within IETF
drafts as consistent as possible. Therefore I propose changing the syntax for
SLP printer template attribute from "duplex-mode" (simplex, duplex, tumble) to
"sides" (one-sided, two-sided-long-edge, two-sided-short-edge).

I also recommend pointing out the exact correlation to the Salutation
terminology in comments associated with this attribute.

While I am not (yet) a SLP expert, I believe the "entry" would look as follows

sides = STRING L M O
# IPP 'sides'
# (Compare with Salutation 'duplex-mode')
# The number of impression sides (one or two) and the
# two-sided impression rotations supported by this printer.
# Salutation 'simplex' is equivalent to 'one-sided'.
# Salutation 'duplex-mode' is equivalent to 'two-sided-long-edge'.
# Salutation 'tumble' is equivalent to 'two-sided-short-edge'.
one-sided, two-sided-long-edge, two-sided-short-edge

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems
harryl at us.ibm.com

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