IPP> MOD - Updated 'collection' attribute syntax paper posted

IPP> MOD - Updated 'collection' attribute syntax paper posted

IPP> MOD - Updated 'collection' attribute syntax paper posted

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Dec 15 18:13:12 EST 1998

Bob Herriot and I have re-worked the collection attribute syntax
considerably.  We have been trying to make it shorter and more rigorous by
specifying the validation steps more carefully.  In the process we have
developed a more rigorous specification for validation of IPP/1.0 attributes
as well.  Since so much was re-worded, we are not including a version with
revision marks.

I have posted the new version at:


I'll bring copies to the meeting tomorrow as well.  Send comments to the
mailing list.

Here is the first page:

File:  ipp-collection-attr-syntax-981215.doc
		Roger deBry
		IBM Printing Company
		T. Hastings
		Xerox Corporation
		R. Herriot
		Sun Microsystems
		December 15, 1998

Internet Printing Protocol/1.0:
'collection' attribute syntax
Status of this Memo:
This document is a PWG Working Draft.  It specifies an OPTIONAL extension to
the IPP/1.0 Model and Semantics document [ipp-mod].  This attribute syntax
will be registered with IANA after approval by the WG and after IPP/1.0 has
been published as RFCs.  We may want to publish it as an RFC as well.
[ipp-pro] has reserved the tag value code 0x34 for 'collection'.  Some
future extensions, both registered and private, can make use of this new
attribute syntax.
	This document specifies an OPTIONAL attribute syntax called
'collection'.  A 'collection' value is itself a set of attributes, called
"member" attributes, that are grouped together as the value of an attribute.
Each member attribute may be SINGLE-VALUED or MULTI-VALUED (1setOf).  

Tom Hastings
(310) 333-6413

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