IPP> NOT - Issue 1 - Add Subscription object?

IPP> NOT - Issue 1 - Add Subscription object?

IPP> NOT - Issue 1 - Add Subscription object?

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Jul 27 16:05:41 EDT 1999


A number of us at Xerox discussed your proposal and we like it a lot.  It
reduces the total number of operations and is more object-oriented, while
still maintaining the simplicity of the Job Submission Subscription

Comparing the approaches for the Explicit Subscription operations:

   Current spec                  Your proposal
   ------------                  -------------
   Subscribe-Job                 Create-Subscription

   Renew-Printer-Subscription    Renew-Subscription

   Unsubscribe-Printer           Cancel-Subscription

   Get-Job-Attributes - Job Sub. Get-Subscription-Attributes
   no way to get Printer Sub.

   Get-Printer-Subscriptions     Get-Subscriptions
However, we have the following suggestions:

1. Instead of using a URI to specify the target of a Subscription operation,

we suggest that a Subscription object be specified using a Printer URI and a

subscription-id (32-bit integer), just like jobs.  There as been a lot of
back on IPP's having a "job-uri" to specify the target of a Job operation, 
so lets not repeat that for the Subscription object.

2. Presumably the authorization and authentication for creating Subscription
objects would be handled by the implementation the same as jobs, whatever
that is.

3. The client would supply as part of a Create-Subscription operation would
be one of the following:

   a. The Printer-URI to associate this Subscription with (has to be the
same Printer-URI as the target of the Create-Subscription operation
   b. The job-id (rather than the job-uri) of the (previously created) Job
to associate this Subscription with.
   c. Neither - the Subscription will be associated in a subsequent create
job operation (Create-Job, Print-Job, Print-URI, Validate-Job).

Until such an association is made between a Subscription object and either:
 (1) a Printer object (in which the Subscription object is contained) or 
 (2) a Job object, 
the Subscription object doesn't produce any event notifications.  This is
because until the association is made, it isn't clear whether a Job event
means all jobs or just the job that the subscription is associated with.  

4. A create job operation (Create-Job, Print-Job, Print-URI) perform the
association implicitly between the job being created and the Subscription
being passes as create job operation attributes.  Presumably, an additional
operation attribute in the create job can associated a previously created
Subscription object with the Job being created.



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[Sorry - first chance I've had to look at the notification stuff in

"Hastings, Tom N" wrote:
> Here are the issues in the posted notifications spec.  Lets start
> the discussion of them on the DL:
> ISSUE 1:  Do we need to add a Subscription object that contains the
> "notify-recipients", "notify-events", "subscription-id", and
> "lease-time" attributes (and possibly the opaque subscription
> attribute, if we add it)?

I think we do need subscription objects, but not necessarily as part
of jobs & printers.  Looking through the notification stuff it looks
like the current plan is to place "warts" (sorry, I can't think of
a better word for it...) on printer and job objects to support
notification, which will probably make implementation a pain - two
separate places for the notification software to look for 
subscriptions, for example.

I would suggest the following alternative:

    1. Create a "subscription" object that contains all of the
       needed attributes, including printer-uri or job-uri that
       associates the subscription with a particular printer or
       job URI.

    2. Add the following new operations:


    3. Support automatic subscription for the create-job, print-job,
       or print-uri operations using the current scheme.

    4. Add the supported notification attributes and operations to the 
       get-printer-attributes operation.

The rest of the spec would then apply to the new subscription object
and how #1-4 tie everything together.

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