IPP> Re: PRO - Issue 32: Use of Basic & Digest Authentication

IPP> Re: PRO - Issue 32: Use of Basic & Digest Authentication

IPP> Re: PRO - Issue 32: Use of Basic & Digest Authentication

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Fri Apr 9 13:35:05 EDT 1999

"Manros, Carl-Uno B" wrote:
> ...
> I tried to explain this to Michael before.

And I tried to explain the problem with this before...

> The MUST requirement would be for the functionality to be in your
> IPP product.
> Your customer is however free to configure the IPP Printer to never
> issue any Basic or Digest challenges. Please note that this is also
> impacted by the solution we will come up with for Issue 2 on our
> list, but I don't think that the client should ever by allowed to
> DICTATE the server behavior in this respect.
> ...

The main problem with this is that a MUST requirement means that you
have to implement it in your product.  Sure, a customer can configure
things differently, but that's not the point.

    1. Most HTTP servers don't handle Digest according to the
       current HTTP/1.1 draft.  Specifically, they don't authenticate
       the message body.

    2. Supporting Digest requires a lot of account administration
       tools (command-line, web, and/or GUI), which can take a
       significant amount of time to design and develop.

Now, if either of these items apply to my product (they do), and I
want to ship an IPP/1.1 compliant product, then I have to implement
the needed pieces, right?  I've done a rough estimate of the time
required for us to add Digest support to our product, and from design
to testing it'll be at least 4 person-months worth of effort.

So be it - we'll release our product as IPP/1.0 compliant, and have
an upgrade to IPP/1.1 when we finish Digest support...

That leads to the other question - if I give my customer the option
of using Basic authentication, and IPP/1.1 mandates Digest but not
Basic, then what guarantees do I have that IPP client X will be able
to talk to my server?

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