IPP> MOD - Issue 34 - support of "multiple-document-handling" when Cre ate-Job is supported

IPP> MOD - Issue 34 - support of "multiple-document-handling" when Cre ate-Job is supported

IPP> MOD - Issue 34 - support of "multiple-document-handling" when Cre ate-Job is supported

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Apr 22 20:13:00 EDT 1999

While editing the Implementer's Guide for IPP/1.0, I found the following
issue buried in it.  Any objection to the suggested text at the end?  If I
don't hear any objections by the end of the Last Call comment period (End of
April), I'll edit it into the Model and Semantics document.


		2.16	Support of multiple document jobs
		ISSUE:  IPP/1.0 is silent on which of the four effects an
implementation would perform if it supports Create-Job, but does not support
		A fix to IPP/1.0 would be to require implementing all four
values of "multiple-document-handling" if Create-Job is supported at all.
Or at least 'single-document-new-sheet' and
'separate-documents-uncollated-copies'.  In any case, an implementation that
supports Create-Job SHOULD also support "multiple-document-handling".
Support for all four values is RECOMMENDED, but at least the
'single-document-new-sheet' and 'separate-documents-uncollated-copies'
values, along with the "multiple-document-handling-default" indicating the
default behavior and "multiple-document-handling-supported" values.  If an
implementation spools the data, it should also support the
'separate-documents-collated-copies' value as well.  

Suggested clarification:
Instead of talking about the values that MUST or SHOULD be supported, it
would be much simpler just to clarify IPP/1.1 to REQUIRE support of the
"multiple-document-handling" attribute with at least one value if the
Create-Job operation is supported.

Suggested text:
Add to section 3.2.4 Create-Job operation:
If the Printer object supports this operation, then it MUST support the
"multiple-document-handling", "multiple-document-handling-default", and
"multiple-document-handling-supported" Job Template attributes with at least
one value (see section 4.2.4).  Then the client can discover what multiple
document handling is available and control it if more than one value is

Insert this sentence after the first sentence of section 4.2.4
multiple-document-handling(type 2 keyword):
This attribute MUST be supported if the Create-Job operation is supported
(see section 3.2.4).  

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