IPP>PRO collection proposal [.pdf posted]

IPP>PRO collection proposal [.pdf posted]

IPP>PRO collection proposal [.pdf posted]

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Sep 13 12:44:03 EDT 1999

I've posted the .pdf that corresponds to the .doc file that Bob posted last

This collection extension is a general IPP extension as a new attribute
syntax.  An attribute that uses the 'collection' attribute syntax has an
attribute value that consists of one or more attributes, called member
attributes.  An attribute that uses this attribute syntax can be
multi-valued, i.e., '1setOf collection'.  The current Notification proposal
uses the 'collection' attribute syntax.

This specification will be discussed at this Wednesday's 9/15/99 telecon,
10-12 PDT (1-3 EDT), next week's IPP WG meeting in Denver, 9/22-23/99, as
well as on the mailing list.

Here is the abstract:

This document specifies an OPTIONAL attribute syntax called 'collection'. A
'collection' is a container holding one or more named values, which are
called "member" attributes.  A collection allows data to be grouped like a C


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I have just uploaded a document on collections to 


A pdf document will be uploaded soon.

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