IPP> Mandatory Delivery Method for Notifications

IPP> Mandatory Delivery Method for Notifications

IPP> Mandatory Delivery Method for Notifications

Carl carl at manros.com
Sat Mar 30 16:23:05 EST 2002


Ned Freed communicated in an earrlier message to the IPP WG, that the IESG
found it unacceptable that we had not choosen ONE mandatory delivery method
for notofications. They would also like to see that delivery method mandate
the use of security.

As those of you who were around about two years ago remember, we could not
reach agreement about mandating any of the delivery methods.

However, in the meantime the members of the IPPFAX project in the Printer
Working Group has reached an agfreement that they will require all IPPFAX
implementions to implement the 'ippget' delivery method, and also rquire
support for TLS security.

Hence, I would like to put up the following strawman proposal to the IPP WG
members to satisfy the IESG comments:

1) Change the main Notifiction document to require that 'ippget' delivery
MUST be included for all notification implementations, but any of the other
two methods can also be implemented as an option.

2) Put that rule also into the three delivery method documents, so it is
crystal clear what the rule is.

3) Further, in the 'ippget' delivery document, we specify that TLS security
MUST be supported.

If we can reach agreement on this, I will instruct the IPP editor to
umplement these changes.

I would like to get your reactions back on this proposal no later than April
15, 2002.

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