IPP> draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03

IPP> draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03

IPP> draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03

Scott Hollenbeck sah at 428cobrajet.net
Wed Apr 7 07:09:52 EDT 2004

The subject document has been sitting in the "IESG Evaluation :: Revised ID
Needed" state for 18 months.  What do you all wish to do with this document?
Here's the IESG comment that needs to be addressed:

"The Security Considerations section should be more explicit 
about the security required for administrative operations. The fact 
that these operations may need to be protected, even in an 
environment where printing related operations may not be."

There are also some minor changes that will need to be made due to changes
in the way the IETF does Internet-Drafts, such as splitting the references
into normative and informative subsections.

I want to help move this document along, but I need one of the authors or
someone else in the WG to stop up to the final editing task.  Who is willing
to do that?

Apps AD

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