IPP> FW: New AD and WG Status Request

IPP> FW: New AD and WG Status Request

IPP> FW: New AD and WG Status Request

carl at manros.com carl at manros.com
Mon Mar 8 10:53:27 EST 2004

Hi all,

I am forwarding this message from our new IETF Area Director. I will need to
consult with the editors to prepare a reply to Scott Hollenbeck. We need to
do that within the next week or so as I will be leaving for a 3 week trip to
Japan on March 20, so please get back to me ASAP to agree on a phone



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-----Original Message-----
From: Scott Hollenbeck [mailto:sah at 428cobrajet.net]
Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 6:37 AM
To: Andrew Gierth; Carl-Uno Manros; Claudio Allocchio; Donald Eastlake
3rd; Glenn Parsons; Hiroshi Tamura; John Noerenberg; Lisa Dusseault; Ned
Freed; Pete Resnick; Rik Drummond; Russ Allbery; Steve Hole
Cc: 'Ted Hardie'; sah at 428cobrajet.net
Subject: New AD and WG Status Request
Importance: High


I had a chance to meet with several of you while at the IETF meeting in
Seoul last week.  This note is primarily for those of you that I haven't yet

Ned Freed's IESG term as Applications AD expired with the end of the meeting
in Seoul.  Ted Hardie and I are now your Applications area directors.  My
responsibilities will include the following WGs:

EDIINT (Rik Drummond)
FAX (Claudio Allocchio, Hiroshi Tamura)
IMAPEXT (Pete Resnick)
IPP (Carl-Uno Manros)
MSGTRAK (Steve Hole)
NNTPEXT (Ned Freed, Russ Allbery)
TRADE (Donald Eastlake 3rd)
USEFOR (Pete Resnick, Andrew Gierth)
VPIM (John Noerenberg, Glenn Parsons)
XMPP (Pete Resnick, Lisa Dusseault)

I'd like to get a handle on where each of the these WGs is with respect to
the milestones identified in your charters.  Please take a few moments to
clue me in this week by responding to this message (private reply to me is
OK) with a description of WG status, including any open WG actions.  If
there are outstanding AD actions that you need to have completed, I'd like
to be made aware of those as well.


Looking forward to working with you,

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