IPP> IPP Opcode registration for Xerox

IPP> IPP Opcode registration for Xerox

IPP> IPP Opcode registration for Xerox

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 5 17:49:31 EDT 2007

Thank you Gail. 
I will review our PWG IPP private op-code registrations relative to IANA 
and determine what the process is for requesting this new op-code be added 
to the official IANA registry.
Harry Lewis 
Intellectual Property, Standards and Licensing
Chairman - ISTO Printer Working Group

"Gail Giansiracusa" <ggiansiracusa at peerless.com> 
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04/05/2007 03:32 PM

"Zehler, Peter" <Peter.Zehler at xerox.com>, <ipp at pwg.org>

RE: IPP> IPP Opcode registration for Xerox

Hi Pete,
I’ve allocated the next op-code in line (per your instructions): 0x4026.
Right now, I’m scrambling to leave on vacation, but I’ll try to get the 
web page updated next week.
Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  -- George 
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Subject: IPP> IPP Opcode registration for Xerox
Xerox is requesting a private IPP Opcode.
Contact name: Peter Zehler
Contact email: Peter.Zehler at Xerox.com
Company name: Xerox Corp
Number of opcodes -or- specific opcode: 1
Opcode description (optional):  Private Xerox operation
Opcode specification document URL (optional):  None
Opcode specification document (optional): None
Peter Zehler
Xerox Research Center Webster
Email: Peter.Zehler at Xerox.com
Voice: (585) 265-8755
FAX: (585) 265-7441
US Mail: Peter Zehler
Xerox Corp.
800 Phillips Rd.
M/S 128-25E
Webster NY, 14580-9701 

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