[IPP] When will next IPP Scan spec review be held?

[IPP] When will next IPP Scan spec review be held?

[IPP] When will next IPP Scan spec review be held?

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Fri Jan 10 17:21:32 UTC 2014

Considering the schedule until the February meeting, I assume:

Jan 13    IPP at 3 PM EST

Jan 20  Cloud at 3 PM EST (??)

Jan 27  IPP & Cloud  PP review at 3 PM

I am unsure whether the Cloud call on 20 Jan will take two hours --- we will
be looking at a rework of the spec but if we hit a conceptual change again,
it may be a very short call.  I suggest that  the PP review in 27 Jan will
not take 2 hours, so that some time would be available for IPP Scan.


However, I would be free on Monday 20 January, although it is a Holiday (MLK
Day) and could probably make  Wed 22 Jan 1-3pm. I am not available on
Tuesday or earlier on Wednesday.

On the other hand, although some work can be done during conference calls,
attendance at the F2F is much higher than at periodic conference calls and I
think that IPP Scan deserves the higher participation of review during a

Bill Wagner



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Hi Pete,

I would be happy to participate in an extra IPP Scan Service review call in
the week of 20-24 January.

Possible times that would work for me are:

Mon 20 Jan 10am-12pm

Tue 21 Jan 1-3pm

Wed 22 Jan 1-3pm

All - please respond ASAP, so we can confirm at IPP meeting on 13 January.


- Ira



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On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 9:45 AM, Zehler, Peter <Peter.Zehler at xerox.com>


I will be unavailable on Monday 1/13.  Given the IPP groups full plate I
suggest we defer discussion on the scan specification until Monday 1/27.  I
would be interested in having an IPP Scan specific concall the week of the
20th if we have any interested parties and can find a time.    At this time
my schedule is fairly open.  Anyone interested in getting the IPP Scan



Peter Zehler

Xerox Research Center Webster
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