[IPP] History of IANA Printer MIB "xxx...Error" alert codes

[IPP] History of IANA Printer MIB "xxx...Error" alert codes

[IPP] History of IANA Printer MIB "xxx...Error" alert codes

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 22:49:01 UTC 2014


The problem of the unwise use of "xxx...Error" in PrtAlertCodeTC
values (which collided with PrtAlertSeverityLevelTC) dates back to IETF
Printer MIB v2 (RFC 3805), where the first version of the IANA
Printer MIB module was published and included:

                                               -- Not in RFC 1759
                                               -- Not in RFC 1759

And continued with PWG IPP State Extensions (PWG 5100.9, July
2009) with 36 more modeled on the above for every finisher type.

And continued with PWG MFD Alerts (PWG 5107.3, June 2012)
with 6 of "xxx...FeedError" plus "faxModemProtocolError".

Obviously, the Printer MIB v2 editors (Ira was one) were too tired of
waiting by 2004 (seven year delay in RFC Editor queue!!!) to
recognize these collisions with PrtAlertSeverityLevelTC and with
IPP/1.1 suffixes for "printer-state-reasons".

Note that generic subunit codes and specific finisher type codes
also included the unwise suffix "xxx...Failure" (which is implicitly
a critical severity IMHO).

- Ira

PS - Solution to old sins is more whiskey...

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