[IPP] IPP Scan specification for Face to Face review

[IPP] IPP Scan specification for Face to Face review

[IPP] IPP Scan specification for Face to Face review

Soma Meiyappan Soma.Meiyappan at conexant.com
Wed Aug 6 00:20:31 UTC 2014

Hi Pete,

Thank you very much for the changes.

On the OAuth related changes (TC8), the suggested changes was actually targeted to be added to the "Printer attributes" section and hence, the suggested "destination-" prefix is appropriate. Only having it as part of the "destination-uri-ready" collection will address the stated concerns.

The "operation attribute" changes (access-oauth-uri, access-oauth-scope) that you made are definitely welcome too so that the scan client can explicitly specify where the tokens came from.

Thanks and Regards,


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The updated version of the IPP Scan specification is available at
This is the version we will use for review at the upcoming Face to Face.  I have highlighted the portions that contain significant changes.  As usual the "-rev" and ".docx" versions are available in the same directory.

The Last Call comments are available at
The two highlighted rows have yet to be resolved.  One of them is that I need to generate a higher resolution figure.  The other is an item regarding the lack of a real time clock on USB only or USB/Wi-Fi Direct only scanners.  This is an item that applies across all IPP services and not just print.

Peter Zehler

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