[IPP] IPP Scan specification for Face to Face review

[IPP] IPP Scan specification for Face to Face review

[IPP] IPP Scan specification for Face to Face review

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Tue Aug 5 14:49:33 UTC 2014


The updated version of the IPP Scan specification is available at
This is the version we will use for review at the upcoming Face to Face.  I have highlighted the portions that contain significant changes.  As usual the "-rev" and ".docx" versions are available in the same directory.

The Last Call comments are available at
The two highlighted rows have yet to be resolved.  One of them is that I need to generate a higher resolution figure.  The other is an item regarding the lack of a real time clock on USB only or USB/Wi-Fi Direct only scanners.  This is an item that applies across all IPP services and not just print.

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