[IPP] [PWG5100.6] Issue #30: "overrides-supported": 'document-numbers' should be conditionally required depending on "multiple-document-jobs-supported" = 'true'

[IPP] [PWG5100.6] Issue #30: "overrides-supported": 'document-numbers' should be conditionally required depending on "multiple-document-jobs-supported" = 'true'

[IPP] [PWG5100.6] Issue #30: "overrides-supported": 'document-numbers' should be conditionally required depending on "multiple-document-jobs-supported" = 'true'

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Thu May 5 15:11:07 UTC 2016


If I remember correctly, the printer must accept the “document-numbers” in a client request even if the printer only supports single document jobs.  For a single document job, and a printer that supports either single or multiple document jobs,  the following attribute values in request containing an "overrides" attribute would all be equivalent:
"document-numbers": '1: 2147483647', (i.e., all my documents)
"document-numbers": '1: 1', (i.e., my first document)
"document-numbers" omitted (i.e. all my documents)

The client may specify a subset of documents to which the override is applied.  The implication of not specifying is that the overrides applies to all.    The printer must accept and understand all of these.  A client specifying a document number that does not exist is ignored since the override applies only to the pages/documents/document-copies specified for the override.

I think it is simpler and cleaner to keep the primary specification of the override target (i.e., pages and document) mandatory for the printer to support in a request while the edge case (i.e., document-copies) remains optional.

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PWG 5100.6-2004 section 4.1.7 says:

   This attribute MUST contain the keywords “pages” and “document-numbers” because
   a Printer MUST support these attributes.

But the 'document-numbers' attribute should not be required unconditionally; it should be conditionally required depending on whether the Printer reports "multiple-document-jobs-supported" = 'true'.  If it doesn't support "multiple-document-jobs-supported" or reports "multiple-document-jobs-supported" = 'false' then 'document-numbers' should not be required.

Link: http://www.pwg.org/issues/30

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