[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (24 June 2017)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (24 June 2017)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (24 June 2017)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 21:03:37 UTC 2017


I have just posted another Interim draft of IPP System Service for
review during the IPP WG call next week:

  - PDF with line numbers and redlines

  - MS Word source with line numbers and redlines

Summary:  More pending edits from Mike Sweet's offline review.

- Ira

Change History:
24 June 2017

- Interim draft – changes per comments and new text from Mike Sweet
- global – kept all changes from previous draft (not yet reviewed)
- global – revised all “xxx-attributes-supported” to remove infix of
“type2” because these attributes do not have a registered set of values
(and support vendor extensions as well)
- global – changed the range of all “printer-id” and “printer-ids” from
‘1:MAX’ to ‘1:65535’
for compatibility with Printer MIB and discovery protocols
- global – changed the range of all “requesting-user-vcard” and
“system-device-id” from ‘1023’ to ‘MAX’ to retain explicit range for clarity
- revised section 5.2 System Description Attributes in Table 1 and added
section 7.2.4 ipp-features-supported for consistency
- revised section 6.4.7 Register-Output-Device to define the operation from
Mike Sweet – thanks!
- revised section 6.4.10 Set-System-Attributes to define the operation
- revised section 7.3.10 system-configured-resources in Table 11 and added
section resource-state-reasons for consistency
- revised section 7.3.15 system-state-message to change syntax from
‘1setOf’ (like PWG System Service) to single-valued for consistency with
existing Printer object
- added complete section 13 IANA Considerations (412 lines!) from Mike
Sweet – thanks!
- added section 16.2.1 Restrict “printer-id” range to 65535 (16-bit) to
document design choice for compatibility
- TODO – define remaining operations Set-Resource-Attributes,
Get-System-Supported-Values, and Restart-System
- TODO – add final response group of System attributes for all operations
that can change System state (as a side-effect)
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