MFD> MFD Modeling and next teleconference information

MFD> MFD Modeling and next teleconference information

MFD> MFD Modeling and next teleconference information

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at
Wed Dec 19 09:04:42 EST 2007



I have made many of the changes to the schema and WSDL.  As far as I
know the only thing I have not included in the update is the request for
consistency in the naming of X/Y, Height/Width, CrossFeed/Feed,
SlowScanDir/FastScanDir.....  (I think this will require a little more
conversation)  The MFD Web Page <> has
been updated.  There is now a section on Schema.  There you will find a
few useful links.

 <Browse the PWG Semantic Model Schema v2
> - This is a real help for those of you without XML SPY or some other
graphical XML Editor.

<Table of contents for schema files
<> >   - There is a
link to a table of contents for the schema files.

<Zip file containing Schema, WSDL and XMLSPY project file
<> > - So you
can easily download the work in progress

(Note: I don't yet have a way to easily generate graphical views of the
WSDL (i.e. Operations and parameters) but I am still trying a few


I will collect the comments until the next teleconference.  I will post
the issues/comments prior to the next teleconference.   The
specification is rather out of date but I want to get a chance to
address the existing comments before we turn the crank for another
update.  I will help expedite the conversation by only allowing
discussion on elements that are still in the model.


Merry Christmas,




PWG calendar: 




January 10, 3pm EST




1.	Approve previous meeting minutes
2.	Agenda bashing 
3.	Discuss the comments raised on the mail list 
4.	Discuss specification 
5.	Discuss next steps 


Document  (unchanged) :



WSDL/Schema ( Still in rough form and in transition.  Updated to reflect
face to face comments):


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