[MFD] Comments on Resource Service LCRC

[MFD] Comments on Resource Service LCRC

[MFD] Comments on Resource Service LCRC

Dave Whitehead david at lexmark.com
Thu Jun 25 12:52:47 UTC 2009


Below are my comments on the document.  Two "big" issues are lines 699 and 
797 (and 1053).  Otherwise, it looks good.


David H. Whitehead
Development Engineer
Lexmark International, Inc.



203     add comma "user, if authorized."

333     "... of the resource for which the operation has been completed." 
what operation?  change to "... for the resource." or "... about the 
stored resource."

339     double period.

518     format

543     "This element does not apply to Resource Service." (???)

577     which Group?

598     double period

699     Resource Description -- but the schema shows 
ResourceServiceDescription and the elements do not match the subsequent 

797     ResourceId is of type int -- but it's a GUID! should be string

854     It is *the* implementation's ...

several "Resource Service client" versus "Resource Service Client"

886     ResourceCreatorUserNance

1053    "... and causes the Scan Service to terminate in an orderly 
fashion."  Should be Resource Service.

        If Shutdown terminates the service, how does the service then 
process RestartResourceService?

1150    delete "are"

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