[MFD] MFD Operations

[MFD] MFD Operations

[MFD] MFD Operations

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Mar 15 02:01:58 UTC 2010



I have reworked and updated the "Operations" section of the MFD Overall
specification and extracted this section as a separate "white" paper. This
document is posted at: 

<ftp://pwg.org/pub/pwg/mfd/white/ServiceOperations-20100314.pdf>  and


I have treated this section as a separate document for review because:

1.     The complete spec is too cumbersome and tends to confuse MS Word

2.     The complete spec is so long that readers (and writers) tend to get
bleary eyed by the time they reach the MFD Operations section.

3.     I think this section may be the most important section in the overall
document since it deals with the MFD operations interfaces, which is one of
the critical things to standardize on

4.     I do not agree with the note in the February face-to-face minutes
that suggested that all MFD operations are fully defined in IPP documents
and all the overall document need do is reference them. I have referenced
antecedent IPP operations but, intentionally or not, there are some
differences in the MFD Overall reincarnations and I intend the MFD document
to be the definitive document for MFD operations. Indeed, I would expect
some differences in generalizing print service specific operations. However
that may mean that the definitions need to be further expanded.

 The intent is to reintegrate this section into the MFD overall document
once we get consensus. In the meantime however, please disregard the
unsynchronized references to tables.


I would very much appreciate an extensive review of the operations,
operation request and response arguments and operation definitions by the
working group.


Many thanks,


Bill Wagner



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