[MFD] RE: [IDS] RE: [WIMS] MPSA Security Article

[MFD] RE: [IDS] RE: [WIMS] MPSA Security Article

[MFD] RE: [IDS] RE: [WIMS] MPSA Security Article

Murdock, Joe jmurdock at sharplabs.com
Thu Feb 10 17:52:30 UTC 2011


For clarification of your comment to my Active Directory addition to the
multiple-choice list:
Yes, I added the Active directory option as a clarification and special
case of the external server.  Some people don't think of their
LDAP/Active Directory as a separate server, and I thought it might be
useful information to distinguish between Active Directory/LDAP and some
other separate Network Policy Server  (MS-NPS or Forefront or Symantec,
Cisco, etc.)


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Oh, sorry, in my previous email I attached the document with my
Here's a link instead:

- Brian

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