[MFD] RE: [IDS] RE: [WIMS] MPSA Security Article

[MFD] RE: [IDS] RE: [WIMS] MPSA Security Article

[MFD] RE: [IDS] RE: [WIMS] MPSA Security Article

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Feb 10 18:39:05 UTC 2011

Many thanks to all who commented. A composite draft is a
With a redline relative to what I posted last week at 

I added a conclusion at Brian's suggestion. I have accepted many of Brian's
other suggestions, but in some cases I have recognized his objection but
opted to address it in another way. In other cases, the issue had been
previously addressed in response to some previous comment.

With respect to the Joe's message below,  my intended meaning for external
server was external print server...that is jobs are funneled through an
external server that limits or redirects requests. I have relabeled that
"print server"

Last chance for comments and corrections before I send it off tonight.

Again, many thanks,
Bill Wagner

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For clarification of your comment to my Active Directory addition to the
multiple-choice list:
Yes, I added the Active directory option as a clarification and special
case of the external server.  Some people don't think of their
LDAP/Active Directory as a separate server, and I thought it might be
useful information to distinguish between Active Directory/LDAP and some
other separate Network Policy Server  (MS-NPS or Forefront or Symantec,
Cisco, etc.)


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Oh, sorry, in my previous email I attached the document with my
Here's a link instead:

- Brian

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