[MFD] Xerox has reviewed the MFD Model and Common Semantics and has comments

[MFD] Xerox has reviewed the MFD Model and Common Semantics and has comments

[MFD] Xerox has reviewed the MFD Model and Common Semantics and has comments

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Mon Feb 21 18:05:27 UTC 2011

Here are the comments from Xerox:



SECTION 2.2.1    page 22               figure 6                  Primary
interfaces is missing a line from scanner subunit to Email Out

Section 2.2.2      page 24
duplicate graphic of figure 7 on page 26.

Section 2.4.2      page 30               line 825                 job
produces 1 ton should be job produces 1 to N

Section 3.2          page 48                line 1149
missing reference source

Section 3.6          page 60                line 1212
missing reference source

Section 3.10        page 70                line 1280
missing reference source
1282              figure 45 should be figure 44

Section 4.3          page 95
duplicate graphic of  figure 62

Section 4.3.1      page 102
10th attribute from the top, is annotation a instance of imposition, if
not it should be added to the graphic

Section 4.3.3      page 112
duplicate graphic of figure 73

1644             References figure 73 but no graphic below the

                                page 113
duplicate graphic of figure 74
                                page 114
duplicate graphic of figure 75

Section 4.7.1      page 129              line 1759
reference source not found

Section 5.1          page 132              line 1829
reference source not found
                                page 133
graphic missing caption Image Job Status Element

                                Page 135              Figure 84
caption not bolded

Section 5.2.1      page 141
does imposition fulfill requirement for annotation programming

Section 5.2.3      page 150
duplicate graphic of figure 94

Section 7.1          page 165              Figure 102           graphic
shows up on this page but is referenced in the document as being on page

Section 7.1.4      page 167              line 2126
Scheduling of Jobs should be scheduling of the service's Jobs. 

Section 7.2.1.     page 168
duplicate graphic of figure 103
                                page 171
duplicate graphic of figure 103
Section   page 183              line 2423              reference
source not found
2424              acel<service>job should be Cancel<service>Job




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