[MFD] Lexmark has reviewed the MFD Model and Common Semantics last call draft and has comments

[MFD] Lexmark has reviewed the MFD Model and Common Semantics last call draft and has comments

[MFD] Lexmark has reviewed the MFD Model and Common Semantics last call draft and has comments

Jerry Thrasher thrasher at lexmark.com
Tue Feb 22 19:27:19 UTC 2011

Comments against the non-red-lined PDF version of the document.

Page 2 line 58: Title here doesn't match the front.

Page 2 Footer: Change all footers to 2009-2011.

Page 12 line 539: This sentence is restating the same sentence from the
previous page
scope section....(remove)

Page 19 line 617: broken reference (there are 15 total broken references
from a search
on the word Error! in the PDF)

Page 22 line 669: the word Hardcopy doesn't need up-casing.

Page 25 line 707: the words " more appropriately" are not necessary

Page 28 line 767: Content Regions should be Content Region.

Page 29 line 805: the acronym SDSF is used before it's defined, need to
spell it out here
or move the definitions before.

Page 30 line 825: "1 ton Documents"????

Page 31 line 868: No figure reference after the word Figure.

Page 33 line 901: double periods in sentence

Page 35 line 944: PDF file shows two RED commas in the sentence.

Page 38 line 989: Need a period, not a comma at the end of the line.

Page 40 line 1025: Missing (REF) which is in RED.

page 41 line 1044: Table 4 has forward references listed in the

General comment on description tables (many of the tables have either blank
columns or blank reference columns....or both....unless the Elements are
defined in this
document a reference needs to be included in ALL Element listings in

Page 77 line 1328 second to last table row: The description for Any is
Extension point for status...
should be Extension point for OutputChannelStatus.

General comment on the Description of the extension point Any....There is a
very inconsistent
style of how these are described in the tables (some are blank, some just
say Extension point, some
say Extension point for something and some say "extension point for vendor
differentiation and
implementation-specific extensions while maintaing interoperability)
Suggest simply changing
all to Extension point for "exactly what they extend".  Also the word "Any"
is inconsistently
upcased or not, sometimes all lower case sometimes upcased throughout the

Page 77 line 1338: need a period at the end of the sentence.

Page 82 line 1365 last row in table: Example of the General comment on the
Any extension point,
and Processor is spelled wrong.

Page 86 line 1387 row 12 of table: unnecessary period in third column, and
odd character in forth.

Page 87 line 1401: period spacing mid-line.

Page 91 line 1428: double semi-colons

Page 91 line 1450: What's the star for??

Page 93 line 1486: spacing of comma mid-line.

Page 93 line 1492: Section 0 reference (broken)

Page 94 line 1506: Sentence is split by the figure.

Page 100 line 1565 Resolution row: What's the star for??

Page 107 line 1605: comma,period in mid-line

Page 113 line 1647: Why's the word (Copy) in the figure name??  (multiple

Page 122 line 1704: Section 0 broken reference

Page 122 line 1706: Internal reference without the word section.

Page 122 line 1715: need period at the end of the line

Page 126 line 1735,1736: comma and period spacing issues (3 instances)

Page 128 line 1744 StateReasons row: odd symbols in third column.

Page 128 line 1746: Name of Counter Spec. is not complete.

Page 130 line 1768-1804: Text is BLUE in the PDF.

Page 134: Table has odd symbols in column 4 and Counter spec name/REF are
Symbols occur in many tables in the References column.

Page 145 line 1923: period spacing issue

Page 145 line 1924: the word Vendors is upcased...and why is ONLY a vendor
extension point?
In theory it could be extended later by the PWG as well.

Page 149 line 1947: word spacing issues on the line. All text should be
Left justified not
simply justified.

page 161 line 2008: Specific example of table with no description and no

Page 167 line 2153: word spacing issues.

Page 170: Blank page needs to be removed, and previously mentioned
duplicate figure.

Page 172 line 2190: missing period

Page 176 line 2262: merged un-ordered list items (Processing - ) is the
start of a new
list item

Page 178 line 2311: Text in figure overlaps the figure content (CancelJob)

Page 180 line 2354: Double periods mid-line.

Page 186 line 2564: NEED NOT is NOT a compliance term....

Page 195 line 2920: NEED NOT is NOT a compliance term... (also occurs on
line 2944,3013)

Page 199 line 3048: need reference for Counter spec.

Page 200 line 3110 and 3122: need periods at the end of the sentences

Page 203 line 3131 second and third to last rows of table: missing
references and the "H"
should not be up-cased in MadiaUsedSheets. (also no reference column for
this table)

Page 204 line 3142: Confusing reference to the Counter Spec. Is it 5106.1
or 5106.10??

Page 205 line 3152: Same Counter Spec. reference issue as previous comment.

Page 206 line 3182 and 3185: Need a TM after 2600 in both citations of IEEE
Std. 2600TM-2008.

(See attached file: Lexmark_Overall_Spec_Comments.txt)

Jerry Thrasher
Senior Engineer, WW Corporate Standards
C14/082-1, 740 New Circle Rd, Lexington Ky 40550
Office: +1 859 825 4056     Fax: +1 859 232 7628
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