[MFD] SS&E settings in a PJT

[MFD] SS&E settings in a PJT

[MFD] SS&E settings in a PJT

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Thu Mar 8 16:44:10 UTC 2012



My "print and go" scenario assumes a different base model or
architecture than what you outline.  I am trying to achieve a very high
degree of functionality isolation; that is, the Print Client creates
Print Jobs and Print Services execute Print Jobs.   [The Print Service
may issue a "CreatePrintJob" for its interaction with a Physical Printer
but not a Print Client to a Print Service (in my model).  In my model,
the Print Client submits a Print Job a Print Service.]  Thus, a Print
Service can accept a Print Job but does it mean it downloaded the Print
Content when it accepted the Print Job?  If the Print Job is queued, the
Print Service may only download the Print Content only when the Print
Job is active.  If there is an error in downloading the Print Content
then an error occurs.   


In your outlined model; when using "SendPrintDocumentUri"; you state the
document can be dereferenced anytime.  If the choice is later and the
document is on the phone and the phone is turned off; then I guess the
options are to retire or error. 


Thanks for feedback, I'll have to make all of this fit together.






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I'm a bit confused by your "print and go" scenario.  The user selects
the photo(s) to be printed and presses "print to cloud".  The Print
Client issues a "CreatePrintJob", SendPrintDocument * N, and a
"ClosePrintJob".  When the "ClosePrintJob" response is complete, the
user can turn off the phone.  (By the way, what difference does the
behavior of the print service make to a phone that is turned off?)


We already have a collection for "SS&E".  It is called "JobSummary"
(PrintJobSummaryType).  It is obtained in response to
"GetActivePrintJobs" and "GetPrintJobHistory".   If the user wants
information on a specific job then the Print Client can use those
operations and discard unrequired information.  Alternatively the Print
Client can issue a "GetPrintJobElements" operation to get the
"PrintJobStatus" for the specific job and present the appropriate
information to the user.


I'm not very clear on your last paragraph either.  The user can either
send the document ("SendPrintDocument") or a reference to the document
("SendPrintUri").  In the case of the former the document is sent
regardless of the Job state.  In the case of the latter is an
implementation decision when the document is dereferenced and
downloaded.  Exposure of print content is just as much an issue when the
document resides at a referenced location, on the wire, in a cloud "job
pool", at a print proxy, at a print device or as the final printed media
resting in an output bin.  I don't see the benefit given the added
complexity of the flag.  We do have constructs already in place (e.g.,
HoldPrintJob, job passwords, document encryption, TLS, P2600) to address
document privacy/protection/security.





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[SS&E == State, Status & Error]


A scenario for mobile (maybe cloud and other environments) is where a
user has wants to print a photo from their smart phone.  However, they
want to "print and go".  That is, they need to be notified with the
print content has been download so they can turn off the phone.  So,
they need to be able to set and get information back from the Print
Service that the print content has been downloaded from their cell phone
- even if the job is queued.  But, they do not want any other SS&E info
reported since the phone will be turned off.


So, is there or should there be, a collection in the PWG:PJT that allows
the User to set what SS&E data to be reported.

Example:  The user wants the SS&E for Job Accepted, Job Queued, Job
Started, Doc number Printer,  Doc Page Number Printed,  Job Ended,  Job
Ended Cause, Print Errors, etc, etc, etc  . . . . . . . . 


Is there or should there be, a "flag" in the PWG:PJT that allows the
User to specify that the print content should be download even if the
Print Job is queued.  In fact, should there be a "flag" that state the
print content should only be downloaded until it absolutely needed (to
minimize the exposure of the print content).






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