[MFD] SS&E settings in a PJT

[MFD] SS&E settings in a PJT

[MFD] SS&E settings in a PJT

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Thu Mar 8 19:21:31 UTC 2012

On Mar 8, 2012, at 8:44 AM, "Petrie, Glen" <glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com> wrote:
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> In your outlined model; when using “SendPrintDocumentUri”; you state the document can be dereferenced anytime.  If the choice is later and the document is on the phone and the phone is turned off; then I guess the options are to retire or error.

Glen, in a situation like this you might have the phone software keep the phone awake until the referenced document has been retrieved (probably want a job-specific identifier on the client end to make this reliable) or an implementation-defined time limit has expired (e.g. give the printer up to 10 minutes before the phone enters a really-low-power mode...)

However, for a phone you typically keep it turned on all of the time (unless you are on a plane, etc.) so you might want to re-focus on a tablet or other mobile (non-phone) device where powering the device fully off might be more common.

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