[MFD] Schema Element Table format for Imaging System Model

[MFD] Schema Element Table format for Imaging System Model

[MFD] Schema Element Table format for Imaging System Model

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Tue Jul 9 02:03:05 UTC 2013

The paragraph format is certainly verbose and the number of (MS Word) paragraph levels that one needs to go to explain the complex type, and the indentation would make it ugly.

The multirow per entry table seems to be ok with the following changes: make the first and second rows the same font size (perhaps size 11) with the table/column headings in larger font size (same as surrounding text size or size 12) and each element name in bold or bold-italic.


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Subject: [MFD] Schema Element Table format for Imaging System Model
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The Imaging System Semantics and Model V2 will include and update information from MFD Common Semantics and Model and  the previous Service specifications. Much of the contents of these documents consists of showing hierarchical Schema graphics followed by detailed descriptions of the elements in the diagram.  The earlier documents used three different approaches for these descriptions, as indicated in the discussion document posted at 


Each approach had its proponents and detractors. The most common format was the single row per entry table used in the MFD Common Semantics and model. 


The Imaging System document should  use a consistent approach for this explanation of schema elements. Although difficulty in implementing the format should be considered, it is also important that the approach be useful and effective in describing the schema.  The three formats are described to allow a working group consideration and decision, hopefully by the next Semantic Model WG conference call.


Bill Wagne

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