PWG-ANNOUNCE> IEEE 1284-1994 - Time to start think about it again

PWG-ANNOUNCE> IEEE 1284-1994 - Time to start think about it again

PWG-ANNOUNCE> IEEE 1284-1994 - Time to start think about it again

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Tue May 19 13:53:04 EDT 1998

The IEEE's policy on standards require that every 5 years a standard must
do one of the following:

1) Be re-affirmed as a valid standard
2) Be open for revision and then published
3) Be declared obsolete.

Since I do not believe #3 is the right thing to do, we must begin the
process of deciding between options #1 and #2.  As such, I have been
authorized by the IEEE's Microprocessor Standards Committee to form a study
group to determine whether to consider #1 or #2.  I know that there are
some editorial things that need to be fixed and we may be able to make
those changes and simply re-affirm it.  I really do not think it is
appropriate to make major functional changes or additions to this standard.
If appropriate, the group may decide to spin off an effort to, for example,
define a standard register model for 1284.  I really plan on keeping 1284
focused on the wire protocol, the timings, driver and receivers, and the
cable specification.

In order to kick this off, I need to collect the names of interested
parties to form the group.  Please feel free to forward this note to ANYONE
you think might be interested but please remember the scope of 1284 is as I
have listed above.  Please send me your e-mail address (in the body of your
note) and I will begin the process of creating a distribution list.

Once the study group has made its determination as to the direction we
should take, a formal PAR (project authorization request) will be submitted
to the IEEE and the working group will be formed.

(I apologize if you receive more than one copy of this but I wanted to
insure the broadest possible distribution)


Don Wright

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