PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

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Thu Aug 19 15:15:25 EDT 1999

Jay's assumption is partially correct in that we will include Unix in general;
however, Corel (who has recently announced their own logo'ed version of Linux)
has expressed an interest in improving Linux printing and is solicitating the
help of the Printing community in this area.  They plan to attend the meeting
and I would like to invite any other Linux (or Unix verdor in general) to

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> OK - I'll bite.  What does the fact that the platform happens
> to be Linux have to do with how printing works?

Beg your pardon?  Is this a trick question?  ;)

I have absolutely no idea of how (or why) you've put those
two clauses together to make such a question.  All I said
was that I was particularly interested in the discussion
because UN*X (in the guise of Linux) would possibly be
discussed in its own right...which is something that has
not been done very well in the past.  That's all.


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