PWG-ANNOUNCE> Re: Shuttle to Hotel

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Re: Shuttle to Hotel

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Re: Shuttle to Hotel

henrik.holst at henrik.holst at
Fri Jul 2 05:59:33 EDT 1999

To get to the hotel Ascot in Copenhagen you can either take,
- A taxi, it's about 7 miles.
- Or you can take the airport shuttle to the main railway station and walk the
last 350 yards to the hotel.
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Henrik Holst

Brian Batchelder <bbatchelder at> on 29-06-99 06:49:27

To:   Henrik Holst/INT

Subject:  Shuttle to Hotel


I noticed that the Hotel Ascot web-site indicates that there is an airport
shuttle that stops 350 yards from the hotel.  Since it also indicates that the
Main Railway station is 350 yards from the hotel, I assume the shuttle stops at
the railway station.  Is that the best way to get to the hotel from the airport?
If so, can you post it to the PWG reflector so everyone will know?

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you!

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