PWG-ANNOUNCE> Alaska PWG 3rd Notice -- hotel rooms released July 5 !!!

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Alaska PWG 3rd Notice -- hotel rooms released July 5 !!!

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Alaska PWG 3rd Notice -- hotel rooms released July 5 !!!

Laurie Lasslo laurie at
Fri Jul 2 18:44:11 EDT 1999

PWG Meeting Announcement:
Aug 16-Aug 20. Anchorage Alaska:

Meeting order (at this moment) :
1394 Printing: August 16/17
PWG General Session: August 18 (8:30AM - 10:30AM)
IPP: August 18 (10:30AM - 5:30PM)
IPP: August 19
Universal Printer Driver Format (UPDF): August 20
There may be a1284 revision meeting scheduled also. (Don is working on that)
Once again the registration and meeting charges will be handled online via
the Warp Nine Engineering service. Please go to ""
to register. Thank you Larry!!
Your card will not be charged until two weeks prior to the meeting. Please
register by July 12th. If you register late there may be a $5.00 charge and,
if your late enough, you might even have to buy some weird Alaskan delicacy
for everyone at the meeting. This will be up to Laurie and Larry :) .

Please also Ping me at laurie at so I can get a rough estimate of
attendance (Name, dates attending, sessions attending).

You will need to make your own hotel reservations:
Sheraton Anchorage
401 East 6th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
web page : Sheraton Anchorage
Reservations: 907-276-8700 (Direct Line)
800-325-3535 (Toll Free)
Rate is $185. Ask for Printer Working Group or Hewlett-Packard.

!!! Reservation deadline: July 5, 1999 !!!
Warning: The hotel tells me that rooms in Anchorage are very very tight, so
you may want to make reservations and cancel them later if necessary.

Estimated meeting charge will probably be between 44-54 per day (excluding
hotel room cost)

By the way

Here's the list I have so far  (this is not a hotel reservation list, just
folks who have pinged or registered via the Far Point web site)

		16th	17th	18th	18th	19th	20th
Ron	Bergman				x	x	x
Ben	Brezinski			x	x	x	x
Lee 	Farrell	x	x	x	x	x	x
Mike	Fenelon	x	x
Tom	Hastings			?	x	x
Greg	LeClair	x	x	x
Eric	Random			x	x	x	x
Bill	Wagner			x	x	x	x
Craig	Whittle			x	x	x	x
Peter	Zehler			x	x	x

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