PWG-ANNOUNCE> Meeting Schedule

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Meeting Schedule

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Meeting Schedule

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Wed Aug 18 10:58:12 EDT 1999

The reflector has not been forwarding mail to internal Lexmark users for a bit
so let me try and address a few of the comments on the subject of the meeting

The current approximately 6 week schedule was selected before as a compromise
between an every month schedule and an every other month schedule.  While a
projects is working "hot and heavy" on its technical content, too frequent
meeting do not provide time for work to be done and too infrequent meetings
cause the work to lag.  People are driven by deadline and schedules.  Meetings
provide specific, accountable deadlines for action.  It is pretty easy to fail
to deliver when you don't have to be there face to face and only have to report
via e-mail or phone that you aren't done yet.

>Carl-Uno said:
>"You have a point. The IETF folks only meet 3 times a year, which in
>my view is far too seldom if you want to have any continuos technical
>work going on in the meetings"

And that is exactly why virtually NO technical work can be done at the IETF
plenary meetings which in my mind makes them virtually useless for people who
are interested in getting the standard done.

>Tom Hastings said:
>I'd like to try Chicago with a meeting at one of the hotels at the airport.
>Lets see if that works out to be easy for most folks. Detroit is hard to
>get to.

Well for people who come in for one meeting, the airport is fine but do you want
 to be stuck at O'Hare for an entire week?  Nix that idea.

Detroit is not hard to get to.  It is a hub for Northwest Airlines.  I am sure
there are non-stops from LA to Detroit all the time.  Chicago on the other hand
is hard to get to for me because it is not a hub for my company's preferred
carriers but I'm not making that an issue.  The point is, none of the cities I
chose (with the possible exception of Bar Harbor) is hard to get to from LA...

One the issue of the Japan meeting and the IETF plenary:

The original proposal on Japan was April 10-14.  I have already considered
moving that up a week to April 3-7 then it is the week after the IETF plenary
scheduled for Australia.  I believe those people that chose not to attend
meetings held in Europe and Japan because it is "too far" are acting rather
childish.  We have people attending US meetings all the time that travel from
Japan and Europe and I do not believe it is asking too much for everyone to
continue to attend meetings with their normal regularity when the meeting is not
located in the US.  These non-US people make significant contributions to the
PWG effort and it is unreasonable to ask them to be the only ones that take 10
to 12 hour flight all the time.

Well there my 3 cents worth.

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