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Hi Harry,                                     Wednesday (18 August 1999)

I've inserted in your original note (below) the possible conflicts for
these meeting dates for 2000, from the latest meetings list at the IETF
site (  Also, I've appended the official IETF Plenary
schedule and (unofficial) industry calendar (for future reference).

- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc

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> From: harryl at
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> Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:34:06 -0600
> Subject: RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Y2K Schedule
> There seems to be a lot of support for reducing the schedule in 2000.
> I thought Don's proposal for 2000 was much more reasonable than the
> initial 1999 swag.  Nonetheless, we won't get very far unless we have
> concrete alternatives.  I've tried to pare it down for 2000 and still
> not tromp on any holidays.  Go ahead and take pot shots at this...
>   January 24           Hawaii
[Jan 24-28       Open Group Meetings                  TBD]

>   March 13             San Antionio, TX
[Mar 10-14       IEEE 802                             San Diego, CA]

>   May 8                New York City
[May 7-12        ATM Forum                            TBD]
[May 7-12        17th World Telecommunications Congr. Birmingham, UK]
[May 9-11        Networld+Interop '00                 Las Vegas, NV]

>   July 10              Portland OR
[no listed conflict]

>   September 11         Chicago
[Sept 11-15      RIPE 37                              Amsterdam, Netherlands]

>   October 30           Atlanta/New Orleans
[no listed conflict]

>   December 11          San Diego
[no listed conflict]

> Harry Lewis
> IBM Printing Systems
> harryl at
Future IETF Meeting Sites

Spring (Autumn) 2000 - 47th IETF
    March 27-31, 2000
    Adelaide, Australia

Summer 2000 - 48th IETF
        July 31- Aug 4, 2000
        Location to be announced
        Host: Fore Systems

Fall 2000 - 49th IETF
        Still planning
        Host: Offers accepted :-)

Spring 2001 - 50th IETF
        March 19-23, 2001
        Minneapolis, MN
        Host: To be announced
Last update 4/2/99

The information below has been submitted to the IETF Secretariat
as a means of notifying readers of future events. Readers are
requested to send in dates of events that are appropriate for this
calendar section. Please send submissions, corrections, etc., to:

               <meeting-planning at>

Please note: The Secretariat does not maintain on-line information
for the events listed below.

A copy of this calendar is available as follows:

IETF Information is available by anonymous FTP from several sites.

        Northern Europe Address: (
        Southern Europe Address: (
        Pacific Rim Address: (
        Africa Address: (
        West Coast Address: (
        US East Coast Address:

cd ietf
ls *0mtg*

<> Click on the link for "meetings" and
you should find an entry "listing of other Internet related events".


Jul 25-30       ATM Forum                            New Orleans, LA 
Aug 15-19       5th Annual Int'l Conf. on            Seattle, WA
                  Mobile Computing & Networking
Aug 23-26       USENIX  8th Security Symposium       Washington, DC
Aug 30-Sep 3    SIGCOMM '99 (East Coast US)          Cambridge, MA
Sept 13-17      Networld+Interop '99                 Atlanta, GA
Sep 21-24       RIPE 34                              Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sep 21-23       W3C Interest Group Mtg               TBA
Sep 26-Oct 2    ATM Forum                            Bangkok, Thailand 
Oct 3-5         NANOG 17                             Montreal, Canada
Oct 3-6         USENIX  2nd Conf on             
                  Domain-Specific Languages          Austin, TX
Oct 8-14        TELECOM '99                          Geneva, Switzerland
Oct 11-14       USENIX                               Boulder, CO
Oct 12-15       IDMS'99                              Toulouse, FRANCE
Oct 25-29       Open Group Meetings                  TBD
Nov 3-4         Cross-Industry Working Team (XIWT)   Crystal City, VA
Nov 7-12        USENIX Lisa '99                      Seattle, WA
Nov 7-12        46th IETF                            Wash, DC 
Nov 8-12        IEEE 802                             Kaui
Nov 28-Dec 4    ATM Forum                            Beverly Hills, CA 

Jan 24-28       Open Group Meetings                  TBD
Feb 14-18       USENIX  7th TCL/TK Conference        Austin, TX
Feb 20-25       ATM Forum                            TBD
Feb 21-25       RIPE 35                              Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mar 6-10        IEEE 802                             Albuquerque
Mar 10-14       IEEE 802                             San Diego, CA
Mar 27-31       47th IETF                            Adelaide, Australia
Apr 10-14       Open Group Meetings                  TBD
May 7-12        ATM Forum                            TBD
May 7-12        17th World Telecommunications Congr. Birmingham, UK
May 9-11        Networld+Interop '00                 Las Vegas, NV
May 13-19       9th International World Wide Web     Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jun 19-23       USENIX Annual Technical Conf.        San Diego, CA
Jun 26-30       Open Group Meetings                  TBD
Jul 23-28       ATM Forum                            TBD
Jul 31-Aug 4    48th IETF (tentative)                TBD
Aug             9th USENIX Security Symposium        TBD
late Aug        SIGCOMM 2000                         Europe (tentative)
Sept 11-15      RIPE 37                              Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sep 25-29       Networld+Interop '00                 Atlanta, GA
Oct 15-20       ATM Forum                            TBD
Oct 23-27       Open Group Meetings                  TBD
Nov 6-10        IEEE 802                             Tampa, FL
Dec 3-8         USENIX 14th Systems Admin. Conf.     New Orleans, LA

Jan 22-26       RIPE 38                              Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mar 26-31       50th IETF                            Minneapolis, MN
Apr 22-27   Infocom 2001                 Alaska
Jun 25-29       USENIX Annual Technical Conf.        Boston, MA
Oct 28-Nov 2    USENIX 15th Systems Admin. Conf.     San Diego, CA

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