PWG-ANNOUNCE> Last Call for PWG draft on: Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): "ou tput-bin" attribute extension, Version October 30, 2000 - c losing on Nov ember 21, 2000

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Mon Nov 6 12:03:06 EST 2000


Note that this message is about a PWG draft on IPP (not part of the IETF IPP

The relevant draft document is: Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): 
"output-bin" attribute extension, Version October 30, 2000.

This draft started off an IETF draft, but which has expired. To shorten the
time it takes to get the document published, the IEE-ISTO PWG has taken over

the document.

The purpose of a Last Call is to give everybody a last chance to look over
the draft text and determine whether they agree that the content now
reflects our technical agreements and has support from a majority of the
technical experts that have worked on it.

Anybody interested in the content of the draft can send their comments,
whether they participate in the PWG work or not. 

Please send your comments to the PWG IPP DL at: pwg-ipp at

The draft can be found in different versions at (there is no TXT version):

The Abstract is:

This document defines an extension to the IPP/1.0 [RFC2566] & IPP/1.1
[RFC2911] Model and Semantics specification for the OPTIONAL "output-bin"
(type2 keyword | name(MAX)) Job Template attribute.  This attribute allows
the client to specify in which output bin a job is to be placed and to query
the Printer's default and supported output bins.  

Besides formatting for a PWG standard, the major change has been to drop the
'integer' attribute syntax choice in favor of adding a series of keywords of
the form:  'tray-N' where N is '1', '2', etc., to represent numbered output
bins.  There are a number of members who have indicated that attributes
should not have multiple choices for attribute syntaxes (except for keyword
| name).  So the attribute syntax has been changed from "output-bin" (type2
keyword | name(MAX) | integer(1:MAX))  to "output-bin" (type2 keyword |
The /new_ATT/ sub-directory has been created for IPP and PWG specs that
contain additional attributes. This sub-directory replaces the
/proposed-registrations/attribute-values/ in order to make the URL fit on a
line in a mail message.
The format follows suggestions from Don Wright and Carl-Uno Manros for PWG
standards.  Comments on the format are also welcome.

The PWG rules state that Last Calls for drafts need to be at least 10
working days. 

We will start the Last Call tomorrow November 7, and the deadline for
comments is November 21, 2000.

If we get back comments, we will try to resolve those before voting on the
document in the PWG for publishing.

The final vote in the PWG can be done either in a PWG meeting or over email.

See some further details below. 

Carl-Uno Manros

Manager, Print Services - Xerox Architecture Center - Xerox Corporation
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