PWG-ANNOUNCE> Charter for XHTML-Print Working Group

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Charter for XHTML-Print Working Group

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Charter for XHTML-Print Working Group

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We won't be at the plenary (although Norbert will be in Tampa for the UPDF
meeting) so here is our two cents.

PWG seems like the right home for XHTML-Print.  We like the work you've
done and hope it becomes final soon.   I wonder what impact this will have
on the timing within the UPnP group.  Since the plan there has been to
finalize this soon, would that vote go ahead?  What happens if the PWG
process makes changes afterwards?  Perhaps PWG should vote on adopting the
UPnP result lock stock and barrel, or else UPnP should just turn it over
right away.

Also, I assume a goal is to do this in a way that the Bluetooth folks can
adopt it as well...true?

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A working group to develop the XHTML-Print "datastream" is being proposed
the PWG.  I have included a pointer to a proposed charter which will be
discussed at the PWG Plenary in Tampa.

Comments should be sent to me or brought up at the Plenary in Tampa.  A
list for this project has not yet been set up yet.

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