PWG-ANNOUNCE> Monday night session

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Monday night session

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Monday night session

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Fri Apr 12 15:57:48 EDT 2002


Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend any of the PWG meetings next week.
Here are some thoughts on future PWG work which we can handle on the IPP
mailing list.  Ira and I collaborated on this note.

First finish with IETF and IANA stuff:

1. Finish IPP Notification and Delivery Methods as IETF RFCs - taking care
of the AD's comments on conformance and security.

2. Update RFC 3196 IPP/1.1 Implementor's Guide with the results of Bake Off

3. Finish the document format MIME type registry with IANA for PWG vendor
tree for document formats in the Printer MIB that vendors don't want to
register themselves (under their own vendor tree).

4. Review for accuracy a document containing a list of all IPP documents,
which includes an index of all IPP attributes and operations with pointers
to each IETF and IEEE-ISTO document in which they appear.  I've signed up
with the IANA Registrar to write this document for inclusion in the IANA IPP

5. Revise RFC 2569 "Mapping between LPD and IPP protocols" (Experimental) to
be refer to IPP/1.1 and be an Informational RFC.  RFC 2569 is an
Experimental RFC which will be downgraded to Historic soon.  What about
Experimental RFC 2567 Design Goals and 2568 Rationale which will also become

Suggested new IEEE-ISTO PWG standards:

6. Finish IPPFAX, including interoperability testing.

7. Additional IPP extensions for attributes, such as color.  I'm working on
such a proposal.

8. Define a Media object which has operations, like filtered search, so a
client can find out what desired media is supported for production printers
that support a very large number of media.

9. Finish the Device object and operations as an IEEE-ISTO PWG standard
(which has a spec:
ftp::/, but we
decided not to finish as an IETF RFC).

10. Define a Job Ticket object that can be sent with an IPP job as suggested
recently by Harry Lewis.

11. Consider resurrecting the generic Resource object and operations
proposal (as an IEEE-ISTO PWG standard) which we abandoned in favor of a
specific driver down load approach.  See:

12. Review a JDF CIP4 Application Note on Mapping between JDF/1.1 and IPP.
I have signed up to write this Application Note with Claudia Alimpich from
IBM in the next couple of months. 

Tom and Ira

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This is to reiterate that we plan to have an ad-hoc evening session on 
Monday night (April 15) after the uPnP meeting wraps up. The purpose of 
the meeting is to discuss

1. PWG direction
2. PWG role in defining, coordinating and preserving industry semantics 
(for use by other standards development efforts).
3. Applications of the IPP model (ex. Linux open source Print API)
4. Other "Universe of Print" topics. 

I invite everyone to open discussion NOW on PWG at PWG.ORG MAILING LIST, 
especially anyone not able to attend Monday night but who wants to 
contribute your ideas. 

I anticipate Monday night's meeting beginning around 5 or 5:30 pm and 
passing the hat so we can order in pizza. 
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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