PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG 2003 Schedule

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG 2003 Schedule

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG 2003 Schedule

Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Oct 24 00:35:37 EDT 2002

Reason for Utah in December is gracious host offer from Novell. Nothing to 
do with skiing. Actually, we passed up an offer from Novell to host in 
August because we were already set in concrete for Santa Fe. I don't like 
passing up such offers because they usually benefit all parties. 

PODi has a meeting in Vegas in March. That would be a fairly large morph 
to our schedule but a possibility. 

I don't know if the Novell offer is specifically tied to December. I will 
Harry Lewis 
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Do you guys REALLY want to go to Utah in December? OK if you like skiing 
in the dark maybe, but otherwise?
As I have pointed out in earlier correspondance, the first half of 
December is the absolutely ideal time for coming to Southern Nevada as it 
is low season, but still nice and warm compared to most other parts of the 
country.  You can get dirt cheap hotel and meeting room prices, food is 
typically inexpensive and there are direct, often cheap, flights to the 
McCarran airport from almost anywhere in the US.
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We thought we'd nailed the 2003 schedule several times but there are some 

1. We originally had our December meeting on the week of 12/8/2003 but, in 
the latest minutes it moved to 12/01. Not sure if this is a typo. 
Nonetheless, there are only 3 days between Thanksgiving and 12/01/2003 so 
I recommend we move it back to the original 12/8. 

2. We flagged in Santa Fe that our 2003 April date (4/21) is too close to 
Easter (4/20). So we need to move this date. My first suggestion is April 
28 (same location - D.C.). 

3. There is an effort to coordinate, if possible, with the PODi schedule. 
I doubt we could match entirely but it would be nice to try and align at 
least once in the year. March 2 is the most likely target. 

As a reminder, (including changes 1 and 2, above) our 2003 plan would look 
like this. 

Jan 20 - Maui 
 April 28 - D.C. 
 July 14 - Vancouver B.C. 
 Oct 6 - N.Y.C. 
 Dec 8 - Provo UT (hosted by Novell). 
Harry Lewis 
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