PWG-ANNOUNCE> Overide Specification move to 'Pototype' maturity level

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Overide Specification move to 'Pototype' maturity level

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Overide Specification move to 'Pototype' maturity level

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Mon Aug 11 09:51:01 EDT 2003


Anyone objecting to changing the maturity level of this specification to
Prototype should send their objection to mailto:ipp at
<mailto:ipp at>  
The latest document is available at
<> .

The changes from the last version include two issues and some clean-up.

In "The Printer Working Group (PWG) Standard for Internet Printing Protocol
(IPP):Page Overrides" there was one issue and some updates required.  An
additional issue was raised in a phone conference.  Below are the summaries.
See the specification for the details.


		Can: printer-resolution be changed on a page basis?  For
example, can we have 2-up where resolution changes half-way down the
		Allow attributes that are applied BEFORE number-up to be at
least Impression level and allow them at the Page level.  The clarifications
in section 4.1.5 are:
		For a Printer to support a Job Template attribute in an
Override, it MUST support the Job Template at the specified Scope.
Implementations MAY apply the Job Template attribute at a smaller level
(e.g. Page instead of Impression).
		The Job Template attributes "print-quality" and
"printer-resolution" have an Override Scope of Impression.  To support these
attributes in an "override" the Printers MUST implement them at least to the
Override Scope of Impression.  As with any "override" attribute the Printer
MAY implement them with the reduced Override Scope of Page.
		Since the Job Template attribute "imposition-template"
allows multiple Finished-Page-Images on a single Impression we need to
accommodate that in the Overrides Scope
		Add Cell scope in between Page and Impression.  Note that if
impositions are not being applied, a Cell is equivalent to an Impression
(i.e. the Impression contains one Cell)

Version August 8 2003:
1.	Allowed print-quality and printer-resolution to be applied at the
Page level
2.	Introduces Cell scope to accommodate jobs with impositions
3.	Cleaned up conformance
4.	added "overrides-actual" and fixed IANA section

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