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The following Printer Working Group document has completed Last Call: 

 Print Service Interface Requirements 

; updated after resolution of issues from Last Call. 

Available for review at: 
<> .pdf

 Therefore I am submitting this specification for PWG approval by FORMAL 
 VOTE. If approved this will become a Candidate Standard, with a PWG 
 number, and we will issue a final version with the revision history 

 Send votes (one per company) to the ISTO in care of Ami Patel and please 
 copy me. 

<mailto:a.s.patel at>
&In-Reply-To=">a.s.patel at 

    aberkema at hp %20Formal%20Vote%20on%20CR%20specifications
<mailto:elliott.bradshaw at>

 Voting ends at 5PM EDT on 8 Jan 2004

 Alan Berkema/Chairman PSI WG 



Alan Berkema
Senior Engineer Scientist
Connectivity Roseville, CA
Hewlett-Packard Company

916 785-5605 Phone
aberkema at <mailto:aberkema at>  	


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