PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote on Semantic Model

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote on Semantic Model

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote on Semantic Model

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Wed Dec 10 08:44:44 EST 2003

The "Printer Working Group (PWG) Semantic Model" has completed Last Call
with no open issues. Therefore I am submitting the specification for PWG
approval by FORMAL VOTE. 

This document is accessible at:

Note that three edits are outstanding:
1)	Edits associated with the (as of yet unassigned) Candidate Standard
2)	Update reference for Character Repertoire specification (about to
complete FORMAL VOTE).
3)	Remove line numbers.

Send votes (one per company) to the ISTO in care of Ami Patel and please
copy me. 
a.s.patel at
<mailto:a.s.patel at
arter%26In-Reply-To=%3c7F2C5DA4096E9D44B70E967CB54EEEDB5CE940 at
pzehler at
<mailto:wwagner at
ter%26In-Reply-To=%3c7F2C5DA4096E9D44B70E967CB54EEEDB5CE940 at

Voting ends at 5PM EDT on 8 January 2004. 

Peter Zehler/Chairman Semantic Model WG  

				Peter Zehler
				Xerox Innovation Group
				Email: PZehler at
				Voice:    (585) 265-8755
				FAX:      (585) 422-7961
				US Mail: Peter Zehler
				        Xerox Corp.
				        800 Phillips Rd.
				        M/S 128-25E
				        Webster NY, 14580-9701

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