PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote on the Schema for the PWG Semantic Model

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote on the Schema for the PWG Semantic Model

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote on the Schema for the PWG Semantic Model

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Wed Dec 10 10:12:15 EST 2003

The "PWG Semantic Model Schema" has completed Last Call with no open issues.
Therefore I am submitting the schema for PWG approval by FORMAL VOTE. 

This schema is composed of many files that collectively define the PWG
Semantic Model Schema.   They are available at the PWG Semantic Model web
page under the "Documents" section in a section titled "Semantic Model
Schema: Latest Version" (See <>
)   Included at the end of this note are the links to the PWG Semantic Model

Note that one edit is outstanding:
		1)	Use PWG approved namespace. (Will be resolved under
separate cover)

Send votes (one per company) to the ISTO in care of Ami Patel and please
copy me. 
a.s.patel at
<mailto:a.s.patel at
arter%26In-Reply-To=%3c7F2C5DA4096E9D44B70E967CB54EEEDB5CE940 at
pzehler at
<mailto:wwagner at
ter%26In-Reply-To=%3c7F2C5DA4096E9D44B70E967CB54EEEDB5CE940 at

Voting ends at 5PM EDT on 8 January 2004. 

Peter Zehler/Chairman Semantic Model WG  

				Peter Zehler
				Xerox Innovation Group
				Email: PZehler at
				Voice:    (585) 265-8755
				FAX:      (585) 422-7961
				US Mail: Peter Zehler
				        Xerox Corp.
				        800 Phillips Rd.
				        M/S 128-25E
				        Webster NY, 14580-9701

Complete Schema:
Semantic Model (hierarchical relationship between objects)
Semantic Model Objects (flat list of objects)

Common and Media definitions and declarations:
	PWG Common Elements and Types
	Well Known Values for Common Elements
	Media Elements
	Well Known Values for Media

	Printer Object
	Printer Status
	Printer Description
	Processing Supported
	Processing Ready
	Processing Default

	Job Object
	Job Status
	Job Description
	Job Processing
	Document Processing
	Processing Actual

	Document Object
	Document Status
	Document Description
	Document Processing (same as Job's)
	Processing Actual (same as Job's)

Note that only the last three changes in the Schema Change Log
<>  ) apply to the
changes from 0.97 to 0.98.  Specifically these changes were to simplify the
patterns used in MediaNsExtensionPattern and MediaSizeNameExtensionPattern,
add CharacterRepertoireSupported, and add a complete list of Charset value

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