PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agenda and New Topics for San Jose Plenary

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agenda and New Topics for San Jose Plenary

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Agenda and New Topics for San Jose Plenary

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri Feb 13 12:25:52 EST 2004

I'd like to announce the agenda for the Tuesday - Feb 24 PWG Plenary in 
San Jose... as there are several new topics and participants who will be 
presenting. While there may be some minor changes, the tentative agenda is 
as follows

Tuesday Feb 24 - Doubletree - San Jose
8:30-10am - PWG Working group status
10-1pm - Secure Print Protocols - addressing traditional environments
1pm - 2pm - Lunch
2-5pm DMTF CIM and PWG Semantics 

The Secure Print Protocol discussion will be lead by David Staal, Barr 
Systems, Inc, a new PWG member company. David is aware that IPP specifies 
TLS and would like to broaden the discussion to include methods for 
securing environments where IPP adoption has been slow. The goal is to 
determine if multiple vendors view this as an area that would benefit from 

The DMTF CIM discussion will be lead by a guest speaker, Steve Jerman, 
HP-Boise. Steve is Chairman of the DMTF System and Devices Working Group 
and has recently collaborated on semantics with the Storage Networking 
Industry Association. The goal of our meeting is to raise awareness of 
similar DMTF and PWG activities (such as Web Based Management and 
Monitoring), identify overlap between DMTF CIM and PWG Semantic Models and 
discuss mechanisms for harmonizing our activities in these areas. 

If you plan to attend the PWG Plenary or any of the PWG meetings the week 
of Feb 23, and have not yet made your reservations with the Doubletree or 
registered with the ISTO please do so as soon as possible.

Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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