PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF last call, end of week 2

PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF last call, end of week 2

PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF last call, end of week 2

Norbert Schade norbertschade at
Fri Mar 12 10:43:36 EST 2004

The first two weeks we dedicated each day to a special part of the specification to give everybody the chance to concentrate on single chapters and not be overwhelmed by the complete concept.
It was intended that people check the mentioned section in the specification documentation and study the corresponding tags in the schemas, probably accompanied by the sample instances.

The main issue coming up were some details related to manual duplex.
I think we could resolve them properly.

At the end of my work day I will copy the spec (with version and the schemas to the UPDF site. All files will be up-to-date.
I am not aware of any concern from anybody regarding the specification at this moment.

If you have any concern of any kind, please step up now.
Let's discuss it on the UPDF reflector. 
We can easily arrange one or more telecons, if requested. But this only makes sense, if there are issues to talk about or if anybody is requesting it.
I'll wait for feedback.

The remaining week to the end of the last call on March 19th is open to any kind of discussion and not reserved to specific subjects.

Norbert Schade

Norbert Schade
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phone: 1-978-251-1017
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