PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF telecon requested?

PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF telecon requested?

PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF telecon requested?

Norbert Schade norbertschade at
Mon Mar 15 09:57:34 EST 2004

I have updated all files on the UPDF web site.
We do not have any open issues concerning any of the schemas or instances or the specification document right now.

In case there is some interest in a telecon we're ready to do one. Please let me know, who is requesting one and what topic you'd like to discuss. A time in mind could be Tuesday, 03/16/04, 2pm EST.

To get to the UPDF web site:
Following the links on the page you will get to the official version of files like the pdf version of the specification.
URL of spec:

To check UPDF related files in general:
This is the top directory for all UPDF related files.

You'll find a 'wd' (working draft) directory:
This directory will hold all files related to level 1.0, which is work in progress.
  a.. This includes the latest specification document (in WinWord format). This document is considered 'under review', while the official pdf version under is the latest public version. The doc file could be slightly newer sometimes and vary in some aspects, if reviewed at that time. 
  b.. It further includes the current schemas in subdirectory 'schemas'. 
  c.. It further includes sample instances, if available in subdirectory 'instances'.
Norbert Schade

Norbert Schade
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North Chelmsford
MA 01863
phone: 1-978-251-1017
email: norbertschade at
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