PWG-ANNOUNCE> New Orleans - October meeting status

PWG-ANNOUNCE> New Orleans - October meeting status

PWG-ANNOUNCE> New Orleans - October meeting status

Carl-Uno Manros carl at
Thu Sep 1 12:47:16 EDT 2005

Harry and other members of the PWG,
At this stage it seems obvious that you are not going to have a meeting in
New Orleans this year.
Harrah's which is now the world's biggest gaming company, with several
destroyed casinos in the disaster area, today announced that anybody who can
show that they come from Louisina will be offered a free hotel room in one
of their Las Vegas casinos.
I have pointed out previously that Las Vegas probably have the lowest hotel
rates of any major city on Sunday though Thursday nights (during weekends
most prices double) and they offer a lot of special deals for groups using
their conference facilities, e.g. one major hotel/casino in Henderson. just
outside Las Vegas where I live offers a free luxury dinner to everybody who
is any of their conference rooms during the day. 
Do like Harrah's, give up on New Orleans for now and come to Vegas instead.
Carl-Uno Manros
For IPP WGG Chair


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Some people have expressed interest and concern regarding the possible
effect of the hurricane on our October meeting in New Orleans. 
At this time, we are unable to contact the Doubletree hotel with whom we
have contracted. The condition of our hotel, the French Quarter and New
Orleans in general in 7 or 8 weeks is uncertain right now as damage is still
being assessed. 
We have a back-up plan to move the meeting to ISTO HQ in Piscataway (same
dates) if necessary. 
I advise holding off on any travel reservations to New Orleans at this time.

I will let you know as soon as we learn the status of the meeting in New
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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