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As I reported a couple of months ago, XHTML-Print has been halted at PR
because of its normative dependency on CSS Print (and, in turn, on CSS
As it has become apparent that it will take at least a year and probably
two for CSS 2.1 to become a PR and thereby enable the completion of CSS
Print, the HTML WG believes the best path forward is to remove the
normative requirement for CSS Print support from XHTML-Print, which I
believe will enable it to move to PER (Proposed Edited Recommendation)
and then shortly on to REC.  Leaving the document at PR for this length
of time is not an acceptable option.  
HP supports this change.  We can consider 'rolling' XHTML-Print to
include the coupling after the completion of CSS Print if needed.  In
truth, if there were market justification for content without styling,
there is no technical reason why XHTML-Print needs to require styling
CSS Print can still be required in conjunction with XHTML-Print; but the
requirement must be separately stated, as the XHTML-Print spec itself
will no longer mandate styling support.  (It will instead say something
fuzzy like, "XHTML-Print is expected to be used in conjunction with CSS
styling.")  The UPnP PrintEnhanced spec is an example of a protocol
which states both requirements individually, so this is really nothing
we haven't done before.
If I hear no objections to this change within the next ten days, I will
assume it is acceptable to you.  If you have objections, please copy
them to the w3c-html-wg at
Best wishes,

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