Proposal for a Change in Aug/Sept PWG Meeting dates/loca

Proposal for a Change in Aug/Sept PWG Meeting dates/loca

Proposal for a Change in Aug/Sept PWG Meeting dates/loca

Bill Wagner bwagner at
Fri Aug 2 10:50:38 EDT 1996

     This unfortunate timing had come up before, and I suspect that, since 
     it couldn't be changed months ago it cannot be changed now. However, 
     for what it is worth, I have other commitments and cannot attend the  
     August 29 and 30 meetings; I am unsure whether I will go for just the 
     IEEE meetings. I would therefore support your suggestion for an 
     Bill Wagner

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Subject: Proposal for a Change in Aug/Sept PWG Meeting dates/location
Author:  jkm at (JK Martin) at Internet
Date:    8/1/96 2:58 PM


I'm sure others have already noticed this, but we have only now
realized that the August PWG meeting has been scheduled right up
against the Labor Day weekend.

According to the current schedule, most of us will be flying out
of San Diego on Friday afternoon/evening...along with the entire
rest of the world for the start of the Labor Day weekend.

I'd like to proposal an alternative that also takes into account
the planned Sept/Oct meeting in New York:

  Replace the Aug and Sept meetings with a single meeting located
  in Atlanta the week of Sept 16 to coincide with the Networld-Interop

Underscore has already researched the available hotels in the Atlanta
area, and while most are already booked up, we have located one
about 10 miles south of the Networld-Interop show location.  We
had the hotel hold 15 rooms (and meeting space) until we get back
to them by the end of next week.

If the PWG agrees to the meeting changes, then Underscore will be
happy to coordinate the meeting administration stuff.

Normally I would ask everyone to respond to me directly, but considering
the upcoming deadlines, perhaps posting to the PWG mailing list would
be more beneficial.

Please respond one way or the other before this Tuesday, August 6th.


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